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The event is designed to highlight the support and finance available for energy efficiency investments, automation, and research and development of new products and services. We will also cover other funding opportunities for capital and working capital, as well as the fundamentals required to apply for finance.


Mon, 15 Jul 2024 09:00 - 13:00 BST


National Brownfield Institute,Cambridge Street Wolverhampton WV10 0JR

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Engineering a Greener World

Our mission is to engineer the world's transition to a more sustainable future before it is too late. We will partner with the UK’s energy intensive businesses and help them become energy efficient. We will show them how to implement carbon accounting, how to achieve substantial carbon reduction, and stand alongside them on their journey from low carbon to net zero by 2050.



Worcestershire Growth Hub


The Professional Business Advisor Programme is a funded scheme from the Worcestershire Growth Hub designed to help businesses access FREE expert advice to support their growth. Any business in Worcestershire is eligible for the programme but will find it most beneficial if they have:

  • Operated for at least one year
  • At least three full time employees
  • A turnover of £100,000 minimum

You can contact Pro Enviro directly on 01788 538 150 and ask to speak to Diane Salehi (programme administrator) or one of our advisors.

Decarbonisation Net Zero

Funded by the UK Government, through the West Midlands Combined Authority, the programme is being delivered by a consortium including the Black Country Industrial Cluster, Pro Enviro, Coventry City Council and Aston University. The programme is open to SMEs across the Black County and provides FREE energy assessments, shares expert advice and provides support for businesses to help them identify cost-effective energy-saving measures and embed low-carbon strategy measures to support net zero targets.


Staffordshire County Council


Green Solutions is a programme that offers support to businesses in Staffordshire Local Authority areas (except Stoke-on-Trent) to enable you to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Green Solutions is funded by Stafford Borough Council, South Staffs District Council and East Staffordshire District Council using UK Shared Prosperity Fund, and Staffordshire County Council.Express an interest, follow the link:

Industrial Decarbonisation
for Northern Ireland (ID-NI)


Industrial Decarbonisation for Northern Ireland (ID-NI) is a project led by InvestNI to bring together key stakeholders from across Northern Ireland to develop a plan for industrial decarbonisation.



About Pro Enviro

Pro Enviro is a specialist energy engineering, carbon abatement and process optimisation consultancy, with over 30 years’ experience working with organisations in energy intensive sectors.
We are leaders in developing and implementing Low Carbon and net-zero carbon strategies for organisations in all sectors.
We have helped thousands of businesses improve their energy efficiency, implement a Low Carbon strategy, reduce their carbon footprint and, most importantly, save money.

Our Pro Services

Pro Enviro will support you in developing innovative and effective solutions to decarbonise your operations.  At the heart of our solutions and services, there is an innovative suite of digital platforms and online software, facilitating accurate advanced diagnostics. These enable energy monitoring and targeting, performance analysis and carbon accounting and reporting.


Developing low carbon strategies for businesses

Globally, we are currently emitting 51 billion tonnes of carbon per annum. To meet the challenging target of limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius (preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius) compared to pre-industrial levels, we need to make changes that reduce our carbon emissions immediately. The concept of low carbon development has its roots in the UNFCCC, which was adopted in Rio in 1992. In the context of this convention, low-carbon development is now generally expressed using the term low-emission development strategies (LEDS - also known as low-carbon development strategies or low-carbon growth plans).

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There are multiple levels of Micro-metering that Pro Enviro offers. Short term micro metering involves sub metering energy intensive plant for up to 2 weeks, or we offer permanent installation through our Automated Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) system, which we call SEE Change

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CFAR - Carbon Footprinting, Accounting, and Reporting

CFAR is Pro Enviro’s purpose-built Carbon Footprinting, Accounting and Reporting software that enables companies to quantify their Scopes 1, 2 or 3 GHG emissions.

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Developing Net-Zero and Carbon Reduction Strategies

In a world where organisations face mounting pressure to reduce carbon emissions, navigating the complexities can feel overwhelming. From cutting-edge technology to strategic planning, the options are diverse. Our Net Zero and Carbon Reduction Consultancy services help you understand your energy and carbon footprint, guiding you towards achieving your targets and becoming a net zero organisation.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Love Joes

    Yianno Koumi - Head of Business Information

    The changes we at Love Joes have made to prioritise decarbonisation presented me with the opportunity to speak on a panel hosted by the Black Country Industrial Cluster 📣 about our participation in the BEAS Program with the West Midlands Combined Authority & the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero. In partnership with Pro Enviro Ltd, we are on a decarbonisation journey towards achieving net zero emissions. As a SME, we have faced challenges on this path, with limited resources, lack of expertise and competing priorities. However, we have shown that these barriers are not unconquerable! 💪 I would like to personally thank Harry Long & Nersi Salehi From Pro Enviro Ltd for inviting me to speak at this event, but also the whole Love Joes team who have pushed us all forward and given us the freedom to continuously improve.

  • Minor, Weir and Willis Ltd

    We have had a great experience working with Pro Enviro Ltd, who conducted a thorough energy assessment for us. They have been instrumental in developing and implementing our energy strategy, and guiding us on our journey to net zero. For those interested in learning more about the impact of their work, I recommend checking out this case study on Minor Weir & Willis Ltd, which provides detailed insights: here.

  • A W Precision Ltd

    Mr Andrew Whitworth Managing Director

    Process Optimisation: how we are reducing our annual energy usage & costs by over £57K! Pro Enviro contacted us as a fellow member of Made in the Midlands – it turns out that we are almost neighbours, both being based just off the M6 in Rugby. As a member of Made in the Midlands, we took advantage of their offer of a free Energy Efficiency Assessment. This would establish if there were ways of reducing our energy consumption. Following the original free assessment with Pro Enviro, we proceeded with electrical metering of our equipment, after which Pro Enviro was able to suggest a Process Optimisation Strategy aimed at reducing our annual energy cost significantly. Key elements of this strategy include: Design of a new energy efficient LED lighting system to both improve lighting and reduce energy use by £12,300 per year, Identification of very significant waste in our compressed air system and design of a new system saving £10,863 per year, Specification of their Advanced Metering & Monitoring system called SEE Change ™ to monitor all our significant energy-using equipment. This allowed ongoing identification of waste and further process optimisation - large potential savings of £32,843 per year were identified, Identification of improvements to our Power Factor Correction equipment, saving £1,172 per year, For the first time, we understand where energy is being used in our manufacturing processes and how we might control and minimise this. Quantifying savings in term of annual tonnes of CO2e allowed us access, with administrative assistance from Pro Enviro, to substantial capital grant funding for the projects. In all, savings of £57,178 per year in energy usage and 136.2 tonnes of CO2e were identified and we are now in the implementation stage. This would not have been possible without the service provided by Pro Enviro’s consultants, for which we are clearly very grateful. Using their extensive energy engineering knowledge and experience, they have been able to design, cost and implement improvements quickly and efficiently, with the minimum of disruption to our day to day processes. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses that want to ensure they minimise their Carbon Footprint, implement an effective Low Carbon Strategy, and most importantly, save money on their energy bills!

  • Elite Plastics

    Dave Gummerson Managing Director

    Like every business, we have been concerned about the rapid rise of energy costs and our energy efficiency. Thanks to the support of Pro Enviro, who helped us identify several areas for improvement and access the most appropriate funding for all of our requirements, we have been able to implement a low carbon strategy and effectively address the potential for cost savings and carbon reduction – all of which we are taking action on. This will reduce our considerable annual energy costs (£317,000) by £62,000 and 267 tonnes of CO2e. With the help of Pro Enviro, we will continue to manage, understand and improve our use of energy throughout Elite Plastics facilities and processes.

  • James & Williams

    Ray Williams and Gill Horton Directors

    James & Williams manufacture a wide range of high-quality coffin handles and coffin fittings at their own factory in Herefordshire. This family run business has traded as Decorative Metallisers/James and Williams since 1968 and specialised in vacuum metallising for decorative products and funeral fittings. “In the early 1970's we started to manufacture our own coffin fittings and have built up a comprehensive range of our own designs and tooling. In September 2017 we were contacted by Pro Enviro, as the Approved Supplier for Herefordshire & Worcestershire County Councils Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP), who offered us a free Business Energy Efficiency Review. Initially, we were a little cautious about proceeding, as we felt that there must be ‘a catch’! However, we were soon re-assured, and as a direct result of the free (and comprehensive) Energy Efficiency Review it was identified that James and Williams could achieve annual financial savings of up to £10,892 and 33.9 tonnes of CO2e by implementing the report's recommendations. There was a significant opportunity to save costs by replacing the four existing PECO injection moulding machines with a single more efficient machine. Nersi, from Pro Enviro, and Zoe, from WCC, helped make this happen along with sourcing a substantial BEEP grant to support us financially with our new purchase. The whole process was effortless, as they guided us through every stage, helping to save time by clearly explaining each step and ensuring everything was done correctly. Between them they made the application and implementation quick and easy, and both Nersi and Zoe were a pleasure to deal with, offering their time, expertise and patience as we moved this project forward. In addition, the BEEP review identified that we would save money by replacing our old and inefficient lighting with new LED lighting – again Nersi was instrumental in finding a source of financial support (via The Carbon Trust) to help us fund this project. We would not hesitate to use Pro Enviro in the future and would highly recommend their services to other businesses.”

  • Galebreaker Agri

    Keith Hardie Special Projects Director

    “Thanks to the Pro Enviro team carrying out a Business Energy Efficiency Assessment, we identified several ways we could further improve our energy efficiency. Pro Enviro’s findings identified that, by making their recommended changes, we could achieve annual financial savings of up to £18,872 and 62.81 tonnes of CO2e. They then helped us prioritise the required changes, identify and access the best available funding opportunities, and supported our grant application processes. As a result, and with the minimum of disruption, we have improved our working environment considerably and reduced our energy bills. Pro Enviro will continue to support us with meeting our energy efficiency targets and the implementation of our low carbon strategy, and I am happy to recommend them to other businesses wishing to develop a low carbon strategy and reduce their own energy costs.”


Our Pro Toolkit

Our suite of easy to use web-based software tools, with powerful diagnostic modules can identify opportunities for energy and carbon reduction. Our automated monitoring and targeting tool (SEE Change) and the online carbon footprinting accounting and reporting tool (CFAR) can help develop innovative strategies to reduce your carbon emissions. Our powerful set of web-based tools eliminates the need for manual analysis of your energy data. This then provides a clear pattern of usage, detailed reports of energy consumption and costs, profiles your carbon emissions while tracking reduction over time.


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Reaching net zero emissions by 2050 has become a crucial goal in the global fight against climate change. This target, known as Net Zero 2050, involves balancing the greenhouse gases we emit with those we remove from the atmosphere, leading to a net zero increase.

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What does CBAM stand for and it's implications on businesses

CBAM, or Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, is a policy designed to level the playing field for manufacturers in different regions of the world by ensuring that imported goods are subject to the same environmental standards as those produced domestically.

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What is an EPD and how can I use it?

EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration. An EPD is a document in which you can find data about the environmental impact of a certain building material. This data is presented in a standardized way, which makes it a lot easier to compare different materials

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